Authentic Presence Immersion Fri 21st – Sat 29th June 2019

Authentic Presence Immersion Fri 21st – Sat 29th June 2019

Authentic Presence Immersion is an experiential training in Contemplative-Based End-of-Life-Care which provides health and social-care professionals with essential skills for caring for dying people with compassion, as well as with resources to support their own well-being and resilience. The course will be lead by Kirsten DeLeo, an international trainer in the Spiritual Care Programme and co-founder of Authentic Presence. Kirsten will be joined by a team of experienced health and social-care professionals and spiritual-care educators including: Chantal Bergers, MD (Holland), Katie O’Connell RGN, CNS (Ireland), John Douglas (Ireland) & Ann Allegre, MD (USA). The Authentic Presence Immersion module is part of the certified programme in Contemplative End-of-Life-Care which has enjoyed great success in the USA for the past 15 years and is the first time it is held at Dzogchen Beara Retreat Centre, West Cork.

For people at the threshold of life and death, the personal presence and expertise of professional carers can be of tremendous comfort. However this work can also be very challenging for these professionals on many levels. Faced with a range and depth of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual suffering for which they may feel unprepared, they might lose enthusiasm or even feel at-risk of burnout.

How can I prevent becoming overwhelmed by the losses I witness?
How do I stay present without losing my own sense of well-being?
How do I speak about death and address deeper fears including spiritual concerns with patients, their families and children?

The Authentic Presence model answers these questions by bringing practical knowledge from today’s palliative care environments together with the meditative techniques of mindfulness and awareness. Employing a truly unique approach, the aim of the training is to re-connect participants with their sources of joy, purpose, spirituality and wholeness while enhancing their professional skills, knowledge and communication.

Dzogchen Beara is known for its breathtaking beauty and spectacular views. Nearly everyone who has been here comments on the healing power of the natural environment and the pervasive atmosphere of deep peace and tranquility. Authentic Presence Immersion will be hosted in the Spiritual Care Centre, a facility designed to provide a sense of space and relaxation. There couldn’t be better place for the immersive experience of this training.


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